52 Weeks of Cooking – Week 22: Sweet and Savory Tarts

This week’s 52 Weeks of Cooking challenge was Sweet and Savory Tarts. While browsing around online for a good recipe to make, I came across this recipe for Beef Wellington Tarts. Considering the fact that a couple months ago Tom made the best Beef Wellington I had ever had, I thought we should give it a try.

Like most of the other recipes we have tried, this one was surprisingly easy. First, season your meat and sear lightly. The place in the oven to continue cooking to desired done-ness.

While the steak is cooking, prepare your pastry by scoring a 1 inch border the entire way around.

Once the steak is done, place the pastry in the oven and begin cooking the mushrooms.

Once the pastry is done, use the back of a spoon to push down the middle of the pastry, leaving the outside edges puffed up.

Once everything is done cooking, assemble on the pastry. You are now ready to eat your Beef Wellington Tart.

Just for good measure I also made an old family recipe for Caramel Tarts. (No, I won’t be sharing how to make them. It’s our secret!)

Tom and I are camping this weekend, so we are going to try to make next week’s challenge while on our camping trip. Should be interesting!

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